Mobile Marketing

With our planet now home to more mobile devices than people, mobile lays claim to the largest tech platform in all of human history.

But mobile devices aren’t the story. The real mobile revolution is how constant connectivity is dramatically changing our lives, our work… and our world all around us.

Mobile is the media of our time–CK helps you make the most of it.

While mobile devices—across smartphones, superphones, tablets, phablets and more—are sweeping the planet, the real revolution in mobile is not these devices… it’s people. Our devices are just the screens, our handheld gateways to constant connectivity. The real mobile revolution is one of changing behaviors driven by constant connectivity.

Said another way, the mobile revolution is not how we’re changing to mobile, the real revolution is how mobile is profoundly changing us–and changing us at unprecedented speed and through unrivaled rates of adoption.

Innovation Through MobileLook around and you’ll quickly realize how mobile’s core change is to behaviors (not devices). Empowered by mobile, we now expect information in an instant (or less!). Accustomed to constant connectivity, our levels of patience have plummeted–while our standards of expectations have skyrocketed.

Without a doubt, we are now an on-demand culture of very demanding consumers and professionals.

And our highly demanding customers want instant access to what they want, when they want it—through any mobile device of their choice. Moreover, they expect the freedom to access as much information (binge-watching) or as little (content snacking) as they want at the time.

Make no mistake, these changes in behaviors and demands are bleeding across every single facet of our world: how we live, how we work, how we communicate, and how–and what–we purchase.

Indeed, mobile hands executives a big challenge. But also a huge opportunity to create marketing strategies that engage customers and solve their problems, brands that fit our mobile lifestyles and workflows, and business models that reflect 21st century needs, values and preferences.

Through mobile’s vast range of sophisticated tools and compelling channels, professionals can craft truly innovative strategies to bolster brand engagement; initiate new sales channels; energize product offerings; improve customer experiences, and embolden value propositions. There has never been a better time, a stronger business case, or a more remarkable media than mobile. Seize this rare and precious opportunity to innovate your brands, revolutionize your businesses, and leapfrog the competition.

Through hundreds of mobile speeches, scores of mobile articles, and a portfolio of popular mobile eBooks—all firsts in the industry–CK knows mobile. Let her show you how to make the most of your mobile innovation moment.

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