Internet of Things

The Internet of Things A “Smart” Revolution is on the rise: an epic era where our world moves from smartphones… to smart everything.

But in a brave new connected world teeming with billions of smart devices, wearable technologies, and connected lives, how do you build the brands—today—that will win you the customers of tomorrow?

Welcome to The Smart Revolution: a massive progression in which all things—physical and digital—will be connected, and transformed from static things to “smart” objects that make our lives better, our bodies healthier and our work easier.
The SMART Revolution

Through new technologies—including machine-to-machine (M2M) communications, The Internet of Things (IoT), and digital sensors—computers will no longer be separate things.

On the contrary, in the coming smarter world, computers will live in all things.

Integrated into the devices we carry. Woven into the items we wear. And embedded into the everyday objects that fill our lives, our work, and our world.

Not some things. All things. Not little change. Epic change. Not just a connected world: a smarter world filled with smart products, places, networks, services and solutions.

Forecasts now call for 19 billion connected things by 2016, skyrocketing to between 50-75 billion connected things by 2020. Just one sector of smart objects, wearable technology, is set to surge tenfold in revenue—from $3-5 billion to $30-50 billion—over the next 3 years.

The real shocker, however, is economic impact, with estimates mounting as high as $14 trillion over the next decade.

But, fair warning, the biggest change will be to your markets.

While smart brands will serve as today’s competitive advantage, that advantage will rapidly transform into tomorrow’s cost of entry. Because in a smarter world, dumb things won’t merely be an inconvenience to tomorrow’s customers—they will be all but intolerable to them; and wholly irrelevant within a connected, smarter world.

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