Connected Health

Connected HealthToday, apps monitor our vitals, and wearables track our activity levels.

But tomorrow, ingestible pills will replace many invasive procedures and implantable medicines will save lives. Biosensors will provide 24/7 health monitoring, AI will enable cures, and technology will give doctors more time to focus on their patients.

Enter the Era of Hi-Tech Health.

Of all the technological marvels we will witness in the 21st century… none are more inspiring than the advancements to our health, well-being, and quality of life. As “modern-day wizards,” today’s physicians, scientists, and researchers are wielding these magical technologies—spanning mobile, wearables, big data, IoT, bioprinting, robotics, virtual reality, and more—to usher in a new age of medicine.

Indeed, the Era of Hi-Tech Health is upon us.

With far-ranging benefits and massive implications, next-generation technologies are not only producing disruption across individual sectors, and giving rise to jaw-dropping innovations, they are forcing a full-on paradigm shift to the health care industry as a whole.

5 Ps Health Care InnovationCK refers to this sea change as “The 5 Ps Of Health Care Innovation” across: Persistent monitoring, Pervasive care, Precision-driven tools, Predictive models, and Personalized medicine.

In this new age, care will no longer be built upon a “snapshot in time” through annual doctor visits, but wholly replaced with persistent, 24-7 systems that monitor our health every single second of every single day… while simultaneously providing physicians the data they need in order to make more informed decisions, far more intelligent diagnoses.

Further, boundaries for care will all but disappear as life-saving drugs and therapies become pervasive and readily available–even to the most remote corners of the planet.

Artificial Intelligence–across machine learning, neural networks, cognitive computing, and deep learning–will arm our caregivers with the decision-support tools, devices, and platforms that ensure precision across all facets of care. Far from controversial, these advancements will be welcomed by the health community as they will enable doctors to focus more of their time on their patients, afford them completely unbiased, second-opinions in split seconds, and alert them to important outliers that are buried deep within the massive sets of data.

And our current methods of reactive care–managing conditions once they present–will be completely revamped to one of predictive models so as to prevent complications, diseases, and health issues–BEFORE they occur.

Moreover, we will experience a seismic shift to the very essence of how we approach care. We’ll migrate from paradigms crafted around “patient populations” to personalized medicine, vis-a-vis targeted therapies and the quantum leaps mankind has made into the field of genomics.

The effects will be evident quite quickly. All-too invasive procedures will be replaced with ingestible pills. Lives will be saved through implantable medicines. Robots will assist surgeons and produce stellar outcomes. Organ transplants will always be a match, as they will be custom 3D bioprinted rather than harvested.

Further, biosensors, or “nanobots,” will detect changes in our biochemistry and adverse effects to drugs at the moment such events take place (and far more quickly than we are able to consciously realize). And through big data and nanotech, we’ll dive deep into the inner frontiers that have forever eluded us… and finally identify solutions to long-standing diseases and conditions.

Our patients will also change, and dramatically so. Equipped with technologies—across apps, wearables, artificial intelligence, big data and many more—consumers will be more empowered to take control of their health, able and inspired to effect true behavior change in their lives, and become much more accountable in so doing.

Perhaps most stunning, we will watch as doctors morph into veritable programmers and perform molecular-based surgeries that correct the abnormalities in our DNA. In essence, the errant code that once served as our fate, will simply become a program in need of updates.

In the era of Hi-Tech Health one thing is certain: We will all be the beneficiaries of better, stronger—and longer—lives.

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