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Marketing and Brand Mgmt

IT ExecsIOT: The Smart Revolution:

A guide to building smart brands for tomorrow’s smarter world in which all things—physical and digital—are connected.
Through this eBook, CK chronicles how modern tech is igniting a new era in which computers will be in all things: integrated into the devices we carry, woven into the items we wear, and embedded into the everyday objects that fill our lives.

A first-ever look at IoT for marketers, through The Smart Revolution CK shows you how to start building the smart brands today . . . that will win you the customers of tomorrow.

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IT Execs

IT ExecsFuture-Proof: Launching March 2018!

In Future-Proof, CK features the next-gen trends that are dominating business–and defining humanity–within the 21st Century.

Featuring 10+ tech across 10 key trends, you’ll learn about the expectation economy, the rise of the Co-Bots, AI’s new age arms race, IoT’s “Outernet,” Blockchain’s new digital order, HealthTech’s new frontiers . . . and more.

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IT Execs

IT ExecsInnovation Through Mobile:

Mobile is your innovation moment—and through this eBook, CK teaches you how to make the most of it.

In her inventive premise, CK implores executives to wield mobile to innovate their entire marketing ecosystem so as to leapfrog the competition—rather than merely integrate mobile in an effort to keep pace with the status quo.

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